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The buildings built today are
the material banks of the future
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Ventilated facades protect and preserve buildings against the elements. They do so
in a beautiful and environmentally friendly way. Komproment offers a range of different mounting systems adapted to the natural materials which are a 100% inorganic. Our work is based on sustainable principles as “design for separation”, “cradle to cradle” and traceability. We do so because our resources are limited and valuable and because we take responsibility for the world we live in. Many of our systems offer the possibility of iintegrating solar panels in the facade. Our green DNA ensures the sustainable projects of the future. For all projects delivered by Komproment, a “material passport” is issued and installed in the wall of the building. This metal plate accurately documents all materials used thus ensuring that the materials can be taken down in the future and be re-used. This considerably reduces future waste and possibly ensures some of the original value of the material. 

No compromise! Especially not when it comes to our environment.
Naturskifer, Autumn
Solar panels
integrated in a
facade or on roofs
Solar panels offer a sustainable method to produce own electricity. The panels can be integrated as a natural part of a facade or on a roof. The solar panels from Komproment has been developed exclusively in cooperation with the leading producers worldwide of panels. They are mounted as simple “plug and play” units. The solar panels can be produced in desirable and adapted colour variations. The glass can be produced in either a reflecting version or with an anonymous matt finish.

Based on 20 years of experience in this field, we analyze your specific needs and can help you set up an interesting and safe business case. Solar panels as design elements can be mounted in the following Komproment facade systems: 

· Zappa 
· Vidar 
· Colosseum Earth 
· Concrete Cover



There are many things in life one can do over and over again. Creating a first impression is not one of those things. 

First impressions last - this also goes for a building or a home. Komproment delivers the external climate cover for a building. Our environmentally aesthetic roof- and facade solutions protect any building against the elements.

Our combination of unique mounting systems along with a wide range of natural materials creates durable and beautiful roofs and facades. The offered solutions are based on experience as well as documentation and have been developed in cooperation with architects and selected customers.
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