About Komproment
At Komproment, we have the fundamental view that today’s materials are tomorrow’s
material bank. That through common sense and the right designs, we help to reduce the use of resources and create the best solutions.
There are many things in life one can do over and over again. Creating a first impression is not one of those things. First impressions last - this also goes for a building or a home. Komproment delivers the external climate cover for a building. Our environmentally aesthetic roof- and facade solutions protect any building against the elements.

Our combination of unique mounting systems along with a wide range of natural materials creates durable and beautiful roofs and facades. The offered solutions are based on experience as well as documentation and have been developed in cooperation with architects and selected customers. The work we do is based on sustainable principles such as “design-for-disassembly” and environmentally well documented “material passports”.

When working internally with colleagues and externally with our business partners, we strive to be fair, solution-oriented and openminded because
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