CSR Politics
The CSR effort in Komproment is based on the work with Cradle to Cradle. The efforts and frameworks for our efforts lean on and derive from inspiration from the UN Global Compact, which is the world's largest voluntary corporate social responsibility initiative. We work purposefully to fulfill and assume responsibility within this framework. Komproment seeks to act as a socially conscious company taking responsibility, both internally and externally.

We try to embrace and accept diversity to reflect a global community. This applies to children, education, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, age and ability to work.

Human rights:
We act in harmony with human rights. We demand the same from our partners around the world.
Environmental considerations:
We try to create good conditions internally as well as externally. We believe that there is a relationship between a good environment and work motivation. We try to operate reasonably every day with a desire to provide the best conditions for future generations.

We are an ethically sound company that tries to deal with head and heart. We distance ourselves from corruption and do not engage in unethical agreements.

Legal requirements and compliance:
As a minimum, we comply with applicable national law and practice. When it comes to sustainability, we are well ahead of what is demanded from us.

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