Integrated solar cells
Solar panels offer a sustainable method to produce own electricity. The panels can be integrated as a natural part of a façade or on a roof.
The solar panels from Komproment has been developed exclusively in cooperation with the leading producers worldwide of panels. They are mounted as simple “plug and play” units. The solar panels can be produced in desirable and adapted colour variations. The glass can be produced in either a reflecting version or with an anonymous matt finish. Based on 20 years of experience in this field, we analyze your specific needs and can help you set up an interesting and safe business case. Solar panels as design elements can be mounted in the following Komproment façade systems:

· Zappa 
· Vidar
· Colosseum Earth
· Concrete Cover
Zappa Natural slate
Zappa Natural Slate, Autumn
VIDAR Clay Shingles, Faro
VIDAR Clay Shingles, Manchester
Colosseum Earth, Blue
Colosseum Earth, Brown
Concrete Cover, Anthrazit
Concrete Cover, Grey
Komproment's integrated solar panel systems are all based on a 100% inorganic substructure that includes stainless steel slats and hooks. This ensures optimum strength combined with longevity. With this construction, all solar panels are held in place both at the top and bottom without the use of screws.

• Rated capacity, Wp: 44 Watt / Panel

• Cell size: 156 x 156 mm

• Efficiency: 22,2 %

• Module size: 250 x 1500 x 9,5 mm

• Technology: Monokristallin

• Panel construction: Structured glass / Glass

• Colour: Ceramic coated black with black bus bars


• Wp / m2: 133 Watt

• m2 / Plate: 0,33 m2

• Max. batten distance: 220 mm

• Panels / m2: 3 pcs.

Estimated annual output facing south with 10 kWp, 90 degrees

• Copenhagen 7329 kWh / Year

• Stockholm 6969 kWh / Year

• London 7055 kWh / Year

• Berlin 7163 kWh / Year

• München 7483 kWh / Year

• Rom 9804 kWh / Year

• Madrid 10562 kWh / Year
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